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Preah Vihear Province Postcodes

All post codes in Preah Vihear Province

startwith.district startwith.postcode
Chey Saen District Chrach Commune 130104
Chey Saen District Khyang Commune 130103
Chey Saen District Putrea Commune 130106
Chey Saen District S'ang Commune 130101
Chey Saen District Tasu Commune 130102
Chey Saen District Thmea Commune 130105
Chhaeb District Chhaeb I Commune 130201
Chhaeb District Chhaeb II Commune 130202
Chhaeb District Kampong Sralau I Commune 130207
Chhaeb District Kampong Sralau II Commune 130208
Chhaeb District Mlu Prey I Commune 130205
Chhaeb District Mlu Prey II Commune 130206
Chhaeb District Sangkae I Commune 130203
Chhaeb District Sangkae II Commune 130204
Choam Ksant District Choam Ksant Commune 130301
Choam Ksant District Kantuot Commune 130306
Choam Ksant District Morokot Commune 130307
Choam Ksant District Pring Thum Commune 130303
Choam Ksant District Rumdaoh Srae Commune 130304
Choam Ksant District Sror Aem Commune 130308
Choam Ksant District Tuek Kraham Commune 130302
Choam Ksant District Yeang Commune 130305
Kuleaen District Koleaen Cheung Commune 130402
Kuleaen District Koleaen Tboung Commune 130401
Kuleaen District Phnom Penh Commune 130404
Kuleaen District Phnom Tbaeng II Commune 130405
Kuleaen District Srayang Commune 130406
Kuleaen District Thmei Commune 130403
Preah Vihear Minicipality: 2 Sangkats Sangkat Kampong Pranak 130801
Preah Vihear Minicipality: 2 Sangkats Sangkat Pal Hal 130802
Rovieng District Ratanak Commune 130507
Rovieng District Reaksa Commune 130509
Rovieng District Reasmei Commune 130502
Rovieng District Rieb Roy Commune 130508
Rovieng District Rik Reay Commune 130505
Rovieng District Robieb Commune 130501
Rovieng District Rohas Commune 130503
Rovieng District Romoneiy Commune 130512
Rovieng District Romtum Commune 130511
Rovieng District Rumdaoh Commune 130510
Rovieng District Rung Roeang Commune 130504
Rovieng District Ruos Roan Commune 130506
Sangkum Thmei District Chamraeun Commune 130601
Sangkum Thmei District Phum Tbaeng I Commune 130603
Sangkum Thmei District Ro'ang Commune 130602
Sangkum Thmei District Ronak Ser Commune 130605
Sangkum Thmei District Sdau Commune 130604
Tbaeng Mean Chey District Chhean Mukh Commune 130701
Tbaeng Mean Chey District Pou Commune 130702
Tbaeng Mean Chey District Prame Commune 130703
Tbaeng Mean Chey District Preah Khleang Commune 130704

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