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Tboung Khmum Province Postcodes

All post codes in Tboung Khmum Province

startwith.district startwith.postcode
Dambae District Chong Cheach Commune 250101
Dambae District Dambae Commune 250102
Dambae District Kouk Srok Commune 250103
Dambae District Neang Teut Commune 250104
Dambae District Seda Commune 250105
Dambae District Trapeang Pring Commune 250107
Dambae District Tuek Chrov Commune 250106
Krouch Chhmar District Chhuk Commune 250201
Krouch Chhmar District Chumnik Commune 250202
Krouch Chhmar District Kampong Treas Commune 250203
Krouch Chhmar District Kaoh Pir Commune 250204
Krouch Chhmar District Krouch Chhmar Commune 250205
Krouch Chhmar District Peus 1 Commune 250206
Krouch Chhmar District Peus 2 Commune 250207
Krouch Chhmar District Preaek A Chi Commune 250208
Krouch Chhmar District Roka Khnor Commune 250209
Krouch Chhmar District Svay Khleang Commune 250210
Krouch Chhmar District Trea Commune 250211
Krouch Chhmar District Tuol Snuol Commune 250212
Memot District Chan Mul Commune 250301
Memot District Choam Commune 250302
Memot District Choam Kravien Commune 250303
Memot District Choam Ta Mau Commune 250304
Memot District Dar Commune 250305
Memot District Kampoan Commune 250306
Memot District Kokri Commune 250314
Memot District Memong Commune 250307
Memot District Memot Commune 250308
Memot District Rumchek Commune 250310
Memot District Rung Commune 250309
Memot District Tonlung Commune 250312
Memot District Tramung Commune 250311
Memot District Triek Commune 250313
Ou Reang Ov District Ampil Ta Pok Commune 250401
Ou Reang Ov District Chak Commune 250402
Ou Reang Ov District Chak Commune 250403
Ou Reang Ov District Damril Commune 250404
Ou Reang Ov District Kong Chey Commune 250405
Ou Reang Ov District Preah Theat Commune 250406
Ou Reang Ov District Tuol Souphi Commune 250407
Ponhea Kraek District Dountei Commune 250501
Ponhea Kraek District Kak Commune 250502
Ponhea Kraek District Kandaol Chrum Commune 250503
Ponhea Kraek District Kaong Kang Commune 250504
Ponhea Kraek District Kraek Commune 250505
Ponhea Kraek District Popel Commune 250506
Ponhea Kraek District Trapeang Phlong Commune 250507
Ponhea Kraek District Veal Mlu Commune 250508
Suong Municipatity Sangkat Suong 250702
Suong Municipatity Sangkat Vihear Luong 250701
Tboung Khmum District Anhchaeum Commune 250601
Tboung Khmum District Boeng Pruol Commune 250602
Tboung Khmum District Chikor Commune 250603
Tboung Khmum District Chirou I Commune 250604
Tboung Khmum District Chirou II Commune 250605
Tboung Khmum District Cob Commune 250606
Tboung Khmum District Kor Commune 250607
Tboung Khmum District Lngieng Commune 250608
Tboung Khmum District Mong Riev Commune 250609
Tboung Khmum District Peam Chileang Commune 250610
Tboung Khmum District Roka Po Pram Commune 250611
Tboung Khmum District sralab Commune 250612
Tboung Khmum District Thma pech Commune 250613
Tboung Khmum District Tonle Bet Commune 250614

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