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Pursat Province Postcodes

All post codes in Pursat Province

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District Commune Postcode
Bakan District Boeng Bat Kandaol Commune 150301
Bakan District Boeng Khnar Commune 150302
Bakan District Khnar Totueng Commune 150303
Bakan District Me Tuek Commune 150304
Bakan District Ou Ta Paong Commune 150305
Bakan District Rumlech Commune 150306
Bakan District Snam Preah Commune 150307
Bakan District Svay Doun Kaev Commune 150308
Bakan District Ta Lou Commune 150309
Bakan District Traeang Chorng Commune 150310
Kandieng District Anlong Vil Commune 150201
Kandieng District Kandieng Commune 150202
Kandieng District Kanhchor Commune 150203
Kandieng District Kaoh Chum Commune 150209
Kandieng District Reang Til Commune 150204
Kandieng District Srae Sdok Commune 150205
Kandieng District Svay Luong Commune 150206
Kandieng District Sya Commune 150207
Kandieng District Veal Commune 150208
Krakor District Anglong Tnaot Commune 150101
Krakor District Ansa Chambak Commune 150102
Krakor District Boeng Kantuot Commune 150103
Krakor District Chheu Tom Commune 150104
Krakor District Kampong Luong Commune 150105
Krakor District Kampong Pou Commune 150106
Krakor District Kbal Trach Commune 150107
Krakor District Ou Sandan Commune 150108
Krakor District Sna Ansa Commune 150109
Krakor District Svay Sa Commune 150110
Krakor District Tnaot Chum Commune 150111
Phnum Kravanh District Bak Chenhchien Commune 150501
Phnum Kravanh District Leach Commune 150502
Phnum Kravanh District Phteah Rung Commune 150503
Phnum Kravanh District Prongil Commune 150504
Phnum Kravanh District Rokat Commune 150505
Phnum Kravanh District Samraong Commune 150507
Phnum Kravanh District Santreae Commune 150506
Pursat Municipality Sangkat Banteay Dei 150607
Pursat Municipality Sangkat Chamraeun Phal 150601
Pursat Municipality Sangkat Lolok Sa 150602
Pursat Municipality Sangkat Phteah Prey 150603
Pursat Municipality Sangkat Prey Nhi 150604
Pursat Municipality Sangkat Roleab 150605
Pursat Municipality Sangkat Svay At 150606
Veal Veaeng District Anlong Reab Commune 150403
Veal Veaeng District Krapeu Pir Commune 150402
Veal Veaeng District Ou Saom Commune 150401
Veal Veaeng District Pramaoy Commune 150404
Veal Veaeng District Thma Da Commune 150405

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