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Oddar Meanchey Province Postcodes

All post codes in Oddar Meanchey Province

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District Commune Postcode
Banteay Ampil District Ampil Commune 240201
Banteay Ampil District Beng Commune 240202
Banteay Ampil District Kouk Khpos Commune 240203
Banteay Ampil District Kouk Mon Commune 240204
Chong kal District Cheung Tien Commune 240301
Chong kal District Chong Kal Commune 240302
Chong kal District Krasang Commune 240303
Chong kal District Pongro Commune 240304
Samraong Municipality Sangkat Bansay Reak 240501
Samraong Municipality Sangkat Bos Sbov 240502
Samraong Municipality Sangkat Koun Kriel 240503
Samraong Municipality Sangkat Ou Smach 240505
Samraong Municipality Sangkat Samraong 240504
Trapeang Prasat District Bak Anloung Commune 240401
Trapeang Prasat District Ou Svay Commune 240403
Trapeang Prasat District Ph'av Commune 240402
Trapeang Prasat District Preah Pralay Commune 240404
Trapeang Prasat District Trapeang Prasat Commune 240406
Trapeang Prasat District Tumnob Dach Commune 240405

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