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Postcodes with first number 0703

List of postcodes with first number 0703:

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Commune Postcode
Banteay Meas Khang Kaeut Commune 070301
Banteay Meas Khang Lech Commune 070302
Prey Tonle Commune 070303
Samraong Kraom Commune 070304
Samraong Leu Commune 070305
Sdach kong Khang Cheung Commune 070306
Sdach kong khang Lech Commune 070307
Sdach kong Khang Tboung Commune 070308
Tnoat Chong Srang Commune 070309
Trapeang Sala Khang Kaeut Commune 070310
Trapeang Sala Khang Lech Commune 070311
Tuk Meas Khang Kaeut Commune 070312
Tuk Meas Khang Lech Commune 070313
Watt Angk Khang Cheung Commune 070314
Watt Angk Khang Tboung Commune 070315