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Steung Treng Province Postcodes

All post codes in Steung Treng Province

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District Commune Postcode
Chantrea District Kamphun Commune 190101
Chantrea District Kbal Romeas Commune 190102
Chantrea District Phluk Commune 190103
Chantrea District Samkhuoy Commune 190104
Chantrea District Sdau Commune 190105
Chantrea District Srae Kor Commune 190106
Chantrea District Talat Commune 190107
Siem Bouk District Kaoh Preah Commune 190201
Siem Bouk District Kaoh Sampeay Commune 190202
Siem Bouk District Kaoh Sralay Commune 190203
Siem Bouk District Ou Mreah Commune 190204
Siem Bouk District Ou Ruessey Kandal Commune 190205
Siem Bouk District Siem Bouk Commune 190206
Siem Bouk District Srae Krasang Commune 190207
Siem Pang District Preaek Meas Commune 190301
Siem Pang District Santepheap Commune 190303
Siem Pang District Sekong Commune 190302
Siem Pang District Srae Sambour Commune 190304
Siem Pang District Tma Kaev Commune 190305
Steung Treng Minicipality Sangkat Preah Bat 190503
Steung Treng Minicipality Sangkat Sameakki 190504
Steung Treng Minicipality Sangkat Srah Ruessei 190502
Steung Treng Minicipality Sangkat Steung Treng 190501
Thala Bariat District Anglong Phe Commune 190401
Thala Bariat District Anlong Chrey Commune 190405
Thala Bariat District Chamkar Leu Commune 190402
Thala Bariat District Kang Cham Commune 190403
Thala Bariat District Kaoh Snaeng Commune 190404
Thala Bariat District Ou Rai Commune 190406
Thala Bariat District Ou Svay Commune 190407
Thala Bariat District Preah Rumkel Commune 190408
Thala Bariat District Sam Ang Commune 190409
Thala Bariat District Srae Ruessei Commune 190410
Thala Bariat District Thal Barivat Commune 190411

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